A Pinch of Magic Publishing

A Pinch of Magic Publishing creates children’s books for adults who want to be great storytellers. Because great storytelling connects great souls.

A Pinch of Magic Publishing supports children who need dreams and the courage to follow them. Because we can’t thrive in a world without magic.

A Pinch of Magic Publishing believes the real adventure starts when YOU tell the story. Because we all play a part in the tales we tell and the stories we hear.

Let’s add a pinch of magic!

Christer Barregren

Christer Barregren is a children’s book author and the founder of A Pinch of Magic Publishing.

Christer Barregren grew up in a small fishing town with saltwater in his veins, the ocean’s depth in his heart, and his eyes fixed on the horizon. It’s true! His best friend was a seagull. (It’s dead now.)

His fondest childhood memories are every minute with his maternal grandfather, Algot. ”I will never be as good a storyteller as him. But I won’t stop trying. Every book I write is in loving memory of him.”

Christer Barregren Christer Barregren