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Ett bokförlag för barn som behöver drömmar, hopp och fantasi. Och för vuxna som vill bli bra berättare. För goda berättelser förenar goda själar. Let's add a pinch of magic!

THE LOST PRINCESS by Christer Barregren

A story about families, love, and how you sometimes have to get lost to find your true path

On a hot sticky day, Troll rubbed his back against a tree, making it sway to and fro. And something fell from the sky. It was a basket, and inside it lay a sleeping princess.

This is how it starts. With no warning, Troll becomes a father. To a princess! He does his best to un-raise her, in a troll-like manner, which is not an easy task.

One day, the princess borrows one of Troll's seven-league boots and starts searching for a mum.

Kommer snart på engelska och på svenska!

  • Testimonails

    What a lovely little story, creative, funny and exciting at the same time.

    Sara Varga Singer
  • Customer Testimonails

    What a beautiful story. Funny, mischievous and loving, with different family constellation and rainbow families. Well done!

    Julia Dufvenius Wollter Actor
  • Testimonails

    I love fairy-tales like this!! Princesses, a funny troll and everything else that a good fairy-tales must have. A lot to look at, read, and read again!!!

    Henrik Norlén Actor
  • Testimonails

    A magnificent saga, with a rich language that creates a lot of internal images. Just like you want a fairy-tales to do, when you have quality-time reading for your children before bedtimes. It’s great!

    Anja Lundqvist Actor